Posted by: kubiakl | September 13, 2008

Wrong I Do

I thought about the best way to put music on here.  One was to upload files, but there’s probably some legal issues associated with that (I don’t feel like doing the research to find out).  I could link to an already posted music file, but those links change so often.

Then it hit me – YouTube has music videos!  They may not always be great quality but they usually stick around a long time.

I also thought long and hard about the first band I should talk about.  Should I showcase a long-standing favorite to give you an idea of what I listen to?  Maybe somebody so underground they’re subterranean, then you’d see how hip I am?  Or maybe a list of some favorites to display the diversity in my tastes?

In the end I picked a song.

It wasn’t a favorite song.  Until this morning I had never even heard it.  The band was familiar to me as Moreland, Arbuckle, and Floyd, an electric blues band who have a strong north Mississippi hill country style.  My sister had given me their CD “Floyd’s Market” last Christmas and it stayed in my CD player for the next week, with regular comeback tours throughout the year.

I was looking for a track from that album to post here when I came across this live performance of “Wrong I Do” with just Moreland & Arbuckle.  I listened to it.

Then listened to it again.

Slide guitar (especially when it’s on a resonator) is one of my favorite sounds.  And it’s not just the notes, it’s the miscellaneous noise as well – the scraping sounds when there’s vibrato, the buzz when the guitarist digs in, the tap when the slide hits the guitar by accident… it’s an honest sound that reaches deep within me.

Aaron Moreland is a phenomenal slide guitarist.  Listen to the drone he keeps on the low strings as he plays lead and the vocal-quality of his style.  Listen to the economy of his playing.  Every note is in its place, with nothing forced just to show a little flash.

Dustin Arbuckle is also no slouch as a singer and harp player.  His voice has a haunting quality that feels like it’s coming from inside your head.  He also avoids the tendency harp players have to overblow and dominate the song – he stays in the pocket.

If you want to know more, check out their website:

Moreland & Arbuckle

I think this was a good place to start.  I love blues music, so you got somewhat of an idea on what I listen to.  It’s probably something you haven’t heard, so I get to seem a little edgy.  It doesn’t display my diversity, but we all know that two out of three ain’t bad, right?



  1. He really incorporates a lot of different styles and instruments into this blues music. Great use of the harp, by the way. This is an under-utilized instrument that really adds an extra dimension of quality to his compositions.

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