Posted by: kubiakl | October 3, 2008


If you’re not very observant (or haven’t read this blog before) then you won’t notice that I started putting my posts into categories.  I did this because I wanted to start throwing some guitar lessons on here and realized it would be best to group them together, especially since they’ll be put up whenever I feel like it.  Sorry kiddos – I don’t know if my thought train can run a serial track.

These lessons will mostly be helpful starting points for beginners but will include things I’ve picked up along the way that some intermediate/advanced players may find useful.  At least that’s my intent, but you know the old joke – “Hold on to your hat, we may end up miles from here.”

While I’m on the subject of categories, I want to ask a question:  How do you categorize music?  Do certain things fall into neatly defined genres, or do you tend to use more than three labels to describe a song/band? is a personal favorite to pick on because it’s used as such a catch-all.  Slobberbone is, but so are the Old 97’s, and you can’t tell me those two bands sound alike.  Labels fail miserably.  (Actually, the best description I’ve heard for the Old 97’s came from a friend who hated them.  He said they sounded like The Cure covering Johnny Cash songs.  Wish I could remember what song prompted that statement.)

So here’s what I ask of you: Describe one of your favorite bands in the comments.  Use whatever terms you want.  Let’s see what you guys think.



  1. The band is Man Man. I describe them as “Crazy, Awesome, Drunken Pirates”
    If you’ve ever seen them live, you’d agree

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