Posted by: kubiakl | November 6, 2008

Pink Moon

It’s always struck me as odd that the musicians who leave behind the least amount of work are often the most revered.  Robert Johnson had his 29 songs, Jimi Hendrix had his three real albums, Stevie Ray Vaughan had five…

But at least they were recognized when they were alive.  Nick Drake may be a revered musician now but he couldn’t even get arrested while alive.  He struggled with his lack of success and it eventually led to a hermit-like lifestyle, holed up in his parents house.  In 1974 (Drake was 26 years old) he overdosed on antidepressants.

His recording career lasted just three years (’69-’72, when “Pink Moon” was released).  During that time his records sold less than 5,000 copies.  It was more than ten years before Drake finally started being recognized for his work, when big names started citing him as an influence.

The reason I’m writing about him today is because one of his songs got stuck in my head.  Out of nowhere I started singing “Pink Moon” and thought he’d make a good post topic.

“Pink Moon”

“Northern Sky”

“Fly” – love playing this one on guitar

And an anonymous cover of “Road”, another favorite to play


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