Posted by: kubiakl | November 10, 2008

Flavors Too Strong

It was high school, so it must have been around 1997.  I was driving our old farm truck to the local feed store and had the radio tuned to 93.7 KLBJ FM.  I heard this:

Fast forward a few years to the Napster/Audiogalaxy file sharing glory days.  I’m in the dorms at college where we had access to broadband for the first time (DSL and cable modems were still a few years away from popularity).  Out of the blue this song pops into my head, so I look it up.  Turns out it was the Ugly Americans, an Austin band.  A little research told me that Bob Schneider was the frontman.  A few songs later I was hooked.

I’m not going to give you his bio or history, because plenty of places do that much better.  Like this:

Bob Schneider Bio

And I’m not going to do a full post with a lot of his songs, because there are too many.  The truth is that Bob is one of my favorite musicians, so you’ll be seeing a lot of his songs on here as time goes by.  Today I’m just going to throw out a Youtube favorite of mine (it’s not on any of his albums yet), “Flavors Too Strong”.  If you don’t like it, stick around – he’s so stylistically diverse that you’ll probably like one of them.



  1. This is directed more at the blog as a whole rather than this specific blurb.

    Just noting that I dropped by and to say I like it man, very well done.

  2. Thanks for the vintage Bob! I had never seen that Ugly Americans video before. I am totally addicted to Bob’s music!

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