Posted by: kubiakl | January 3, 2009

Modernday Folklore

It took a few months and a lot of searching, but I think my music library is finally back to its former glory.  Thanks to some great websites like Live Music – Archive.Org, some friends who were smart enough to back up their music, and Amazon’s MP3 downloader, I’ve found most of the things I wanted to have back.  Some are going to be harder to track down – like Ian Moore.

Sure, his newer music is fairly available in CD and digital format.  What I’m having a hard time with is his older music.  The albums where he was a Texas guitar god instead of a Seattle-based singer.  His website doesn’t even list the albums in his discography.  I guess when he shied away from the Texas guitarist title he wanted to leave it all behind.

It’s not that uncommon.  Ever since Stevie Ray Vaughan came around, any guitarist (especially those from Texas) who dabbles in blues rock has had to live in his shadow.

It’s a huge shadow.

Ian Moore may have been following his muse when he changed his sound and moved, but I suspect that at least a small part of it was to get away from the SRV comparisons.  But that’s not really my point here.

His first two albums (“Ian Moore” and “Modernday Folklore”) were a large part of my high school soundtrack.  They followed me to college.  One of the few memories I have of my freshman college year was having to do a project on morality.  My group decided to do a skit based around a girl with some various issues – a best friend trying to pressure her into drinking, a boss trying to convince her to commit fraud, and an emotionally abusive boyfriend pressuring her for sex.  (I drew the short straw and was chosen as the bad boyfriend.  My performance was convincing enough to get me showered with paper balls when we were finished.)  When they said I should do the music, the first thing I thought of was Ian Moore.

When the friend ditched her, the chorus of “How Does It Feel?” played.  When the boss fired her, a clip from “Society” played.  And when the boyfriend dumped her for not putting out, “Revelation” played.  When she was left alone in the dark the song “Train Tracks” played.

Not to brag (well, maybe a little), but it was the best project in the class.

Now my Ian Moore CDs are gone (long since stolen) and those albums are out of print.  Until my used CDs get here, I have the few good YouTube clips I could find of those days:

“How Does It Feel?”


One of my favorites, “Satisfied”:

And my all-time favorite Ian Moore song, “Muddy Jesus”:



  1. Hey there,
    I’ve got a few Ian Moore CDs that I bought -of course due to your influence. In my case it was “Green Grass” that saw me through my Junior year. I’ve also got the “Ian Moore” one with: Nothing, Revelation, Satisfied, Blue Sky, Not in Vain, Harlem etc. Let me know if I can send you anything.

    I remember when your CDs were stolen and you were happy that I’d borrowed a chunk of them and had taken forever to return them so they weren’t stolen with the rest of them. Funny little things we remember.

    Keep on Writing -really enjoying reading your blog and listening to all the clips you post. 🙂

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