Posted by: kubiakl | January 19, 2009

A Piece Of Me

I wanted to share a little piece of myself with you.  It’s not much, a short folky instrumental recorded on a cheap webcam, but it is pure me:

I like playing around in altered tunings quite a bit.  This one came about when I was fooling around in (low to high) DADGAD.  When I played it for my parents they asked what it was called.  Since it didn’t have a title my father suggested “River Song”.  Not entirely sure where he came up with that but it seems to fit.

The acoustic guitar used is my Washburn D-130, which was given to me a few years ago.  It has an ash body so it looks and sounds a little different than your standard spruce top acoustic.  Since I use my Epiphone Masterbilt for most things, this guitar stays in DADGAD tuning and is used when I want to play something in a non-standard tuning.  It’s a nice playing/sounding guitar that has received quite a few compliments.

At some point my video equipment might be upgraded to the point where you can actually see my fingers move.  If anyone has suggestions for a good, inexpensive digital camera (I’m not looking for DVD quality, just better YouTube quality) let me know.



  1. Nice tunes Logan, you got some talent bro.

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