Posted by: kubiakl | January 30, 2009

Shape I’m In

Doyle Bramhall II.  Charlie Sexton.  Chris Layton.  Tommy Shannon.

Those are some pretty heavy names in music.  Doyle Bramhall II has been in the Fabulous Thunderbirds (Jimmie Vaughan’s band), his own band Smokestack, a part of Eric Clapton’s band, and backed Roger Waters.  Charlie Sexton has backed Lucinda Williams and Bob Dylan.  Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon were the Double Trouble in Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, as well as being a part of Storyville.

I think you can qualify the Arc Angels as a supergroup:

They formed in 1992 before breaking up in 1993 (remember what I said about supergroups?).  In this case it was Bramhall’s heroin addiction.  He’s clean these days, and the Arc Angels still play together occasionally.

Embarrassing personal story: I was at an art gallery here in Austin, where they were showcasing Grace Slick’s work.  (She was the singer for Jefferson Airplane)  The father of the girl I was seeing at the time was doing the light show for the entrance.  So we’re hanging out, checking out the art, and I see Chris Layton walk in.  Now generally I don’t get starstruck (it has happened, but rarely).  Famous people are still just people.  But here was a guy who had been with Stevie Ray Vaughan from beginning to end, he’d been on stage and album for every note.  I couldn’t work up the nerve to go talk to him so I just kind of stared.  A lot.  I think he noticed too.  Poor guy probably thought I was some kind of psycho.  Mr. Layton, if you ever happen to read this:  I promise I did not want to wear your skin, just loved the music you made and wished I could have said “Thank you”.


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