Posted by: kubiakl | March 12, 2009

A Turning Point

I used to dislike Ryan Adams.

I couldn’t give you any clear reasoning behind my dislike.  It may have been partially related to his feud with the Old 97s (I was a fan of theirs before I had ever heard of him).  It may have been something I read in an interview and didn’t take a shine to.  Or it may just have been his image – the heartbroken, drunken crooner who was always falling off stages and getting into fights seemed a little contrived.

And this was all before I had really listened to him.  I’ll admit it – I was guilty of judging the guy based on what I knew instead of what I heard.

But then I heard this:

“Come Pick Me Up” from the album “Heartbreaker”, and my mind was opened.  It was stupid for me to ignore someone because of an image or a feud with another band.  The guy is obviously a talented singer/songwriter.

So far my favorite Ryan Adams songs come from his Whiskeytown days, especially the “Faithless Street” record.  You can hear the influence of Gram Parsons coming through (the band was named for a Parsons song) and it comes through beautifully.

I haven’t made it through his full catalog just yet, so I can’t speak for all the work he has done with the Cardinals or his numerous solo albums.  The only ones I have (besides all the Whiskeytown) are “Gold” and “Heartbreaker”.  Good albums, but “Faithless Street” remains in heavy rotation while those only get played every now and then.

If you’re unfamiliar with him or have only heard his newer albums, I strongly recommend checking out his Whiskeytown albums.

And Mr. Adams, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry.  Your talent far outweighs your image.



  1. Love is Hell and Cold Roses are totally wonderful and while a lot of people don’t get into it easily,
    29 is too.

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