Posted by: kubiakl | April 8, 2009

Clay Pigeons

Lately it’s been hard for me to write what I want to express.  I’ve been trying to write a post on the Drive-By Truckers and their impact on me, a post about guitar pedals, and another lesson.  But thanks to spring fever and school testing I’ve been kind of worn out, without much to say.  Which made me think of the Blaze Foley song “Clay Pigeons”:

Blaze was a unique songwriter, pure Austin.  He loved duct tape so much that he fashioned a suit out of it.  But through the weirdness came a naked honesty in his lyrics, similar to his friend Townes Van Zandt.  Townes said of Foley “He’s only gone crazy once.  Decided to stay.”

His albums are hard to find, but a few of his songs have been covered (“If Only I Could Fly” was a hit for Merle Haggard, and John Prine did a great version of “Clay Pigeons” on his “Fair And Square” album).  So enjoy this song, and I’ll start talking again when I know what to say.


  1. […] a loooooong boring meeting on Wednesday I was telling a friend about Blaze Foley.  I’ve written about him a little before, if you want to check it out.  He was a character, true Austin weird before that became the catchphrase that drew all these new […]

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