Posted by: kubiakl | May 4, 2009

Before They Make Me Run


I was telling a story the other day about how (as a joke) I once convinced a friend that Keith Richards was my birth father.  My friend remarked that it could be true, because we’re “both skinny ass white guys that nobody can understand.”


Keef’s guitar parts have always been a favorite of mine.  He has a real sense of taste and timing, and his shuffle pattern (the “Keef move”) is different than most people use.  Instead of playing the root and 5th note power chord shuffles, he uses an open-G style pattern that leaves out the root.

He also occasionally contributed vocals, like “Before They Make Me Run”:

And because I love this song in every form I’ve heard it, here he is performing the Gram Parsons influenced “Dead Flowers” with Willie Nelson, Ryan Adams, and Hank Williams III:

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