Posted by: kubiakl | May 10, 2009

Eddie Spaghetti Wished Me A Happy Birthday

Convergence can be a wonderful thing.  Most of life depends on matters of convergence, on being in the right place at the right time, on the intersection of events.  Think about the things that have happened in your life – the jobs you’ve had, the people you’ve loved, the memories you’ve made… all of these are products of convergence.

Yesterday was my birthday.  One year closer to the day I can walk around without pants and claim senility as an excuse.

Yesterday was also the Brew-B-Que Festival here in Austin.  Great music, local breweries, and some of the best BBQ joints gathered at Waterloo Park.

Convergence can be a wonderful thing.

Shawn Sahm and the Tex-Mex Experience were a lot of fun to listen to, and they even covered one of Doug Sahm’s songs (“She’s About A Mover” by the Sir Douglas Quintet).  We wandered over to catch Patrice Pike playing at the other stage and enjoyed that.  The County Line BBQ served a great turkey sandwich.  Waterloo Park was a beautiful setting and the weather was just great.

But all of those good things were just a prelude to 6:45, when The Supersuckers took the stage and tore up an hour and a half set.  I mean, I knew they were good, I’ve listened to their albums countless times and watched videos of live performances, but wow.  It was an incredible show that rocked the hell out of us.  When they call themselves the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world they aren’t kidding.


Then, to cap it off, I got to talk to Ron “Rontrose” Heathman (one of the guitarists) and Eddie Spaghetti (bassist and vocalist).  They’re the two guys in the middle.  When my friend told them it was my birthday they both wished me a happy one.  Very friendly, down-to-Earth kind of guys who just also happen to be awesome musicians.

So, to recap: good food, good brew, good friends, beautiful park, incredible music, and rockstar birthday wishes.

Convergence can be a wonderful thing.


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