Posted by: kubiakl | June 2, 2009

Salidan Middy

My coffee table managed to get even more cluttered this week.  In addition to the picks, tuner, various tools, capos, books, and my laptop, my coffee table also holds my collection of slides.  It’s a modest collection:

A short, small diameter thick-walled Dunlop glass – very precise and smooth, with great tone.  I use this one quite a bit.

A long, large diameter thick-walled Dunlop glass – a little bit unwieldy for my taste, but it has a monster sound.

A Coricidan medicine bottle slide – can’t remember the brand, but this one replaced the one I smashed by dropping on a tile floor.  This one doesn’t get used much because of the seam, which creates a hellish sound when it hits the strings.  I do dig the thin walls and whippy feel and it has a great sound on electric.  My old one didn’t have the seam and saw a lot of use.

A Dunlop small diameter bronze – my travel slide.  It sounds good, is light enough to easily control, and gives that slight rasp that chrome slides just don’t have.  I don’t use it very often at home though, since I prefer the sound of ceramic or glass.

A short Dunlop Moonshine ceramic – love the sound, fit, and feel.  The porous interior keeps your finger dry and it has a warm tone to it.  Not quite as precise as my small glass slide, but it gets used more because I really like the tone and feel.

And the newbie:  A Rocky Mountain Slide Co. Salidan Middy.

RMS Salidan MiddyIt’s a ceramic slide, but instead of being porous like the Moonshine, it’s glazed on the inside.  It fits a little more loosely than the Dunlop but the glide and vibrato are better.  And the sound… the sound is like good scotch.  It can burn a little but goes down so smoothly.  The tone is a glassy, warm sound with a bit of edge to it.

I have to be honest: I’m kind of in love with it.  Maybe it’s just infatuation because it’s new and different.  (You’ve all been in relationships, you know how that goes.  Things settle in and get stale, then you meet someone who seems exciting and suddenly you can’t help but envision being with them instead… but anyway.  You can be a polygamist when it comes to guitar gear so no worries.)

If you haven’t tried a Rocky Mountain Slide, I fully recommend giving the Salidan Middy a try.  (Middy refers to the size – it’s a short slide, a little shorter than the length of my pinky finger)  It sounds great on my resonator.

– Note:  You may notice that most of my slides are Dunlop slides.  This has less to do with a preference for Dunlop than the availability.  Not that they’re bad slides, I just don’t want you to take the amount I have as a ringing endorsement of the brand.



  1. Thanks for sharing!

    It’s impressive!

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