Posted by: kubiakl | July 14, 2009

Always A Friend

I think I missed some of the best music in the 90’s.  Uncle Tupelo – got into them long after they split.  Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies – right after they split.  Alejandro Escovedo – fortunately, he’s still going.

But I missed when he was named Artist Of The Decade in the 90’s by No Depression magazine.  It wasn’t until his most recent album “Real Animal” started being promoted that I caught on to what most of you probably already know: Alejandro Escovedo is incredible.

Heck, even George W. Bush knew it.  One of Escovedo’s songs (“Castanets”) was featured on G.W.’s top ten iPod list.  This caused Escovedo to impose a live ban on the song until recently.  I consider myself apolitical, and so refuse to argue with anyone about presidents.  Alls I will say is that it’s a damn shame he stopped playing a great song because someone he disagreed with liked it.

(By the way – Reckless Kelly does a great version of the song on their second live album, “Reckless Kelly Was Here”.  Check it out.)

This is Alejandro playing a live acoustic version of the lead single from “Real Animal”, titled “Always A Friend”:

Escovedo has been through some tough times.  After living with Hepatitis-C for years it nearly killed him in 2003.  Seeing as how musicians don’t get health benefits, he faced some pretty daunting medical bills.  Fortunately he was well-loved by the music community – after many benefit shows from friends and admirers, culminating in a tribute album, he got the help he needed and was declared free of the disease.

So far I have really liked what I’ve heard, but am only starting in on his catalog.  If there are any albums I should definitely check out, let me know.


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