Posted by: kubiakl | August 20, 2009

How Many Do You Need?

I added a new link to the blogroll, Sans Direction.  I also want to link one of his posts, because I thought it was worth talking about:

My Mom Asked How Many Guitars I Have

Now, if you’re a guitarist, you know the answer to my question – as many as you can get.  I never looked at it the way he did though.  You start off with a guitar, then buy another for a different sound, and pretty soon you can’t walk through your living room without tripping on one.

So far my guitars are pretty widely varied.  A solid body w/ single coils, a hollow body w/ humbuckers, a resonator, a slope shouldered satin finish dreadnought w/ spruce, a gloss top dread w/ ash, and a cheap classical.

That will probably change as time goes on.  A few girlfriends ago one told me that before buying a new guitar I would have to get rid of one I had.  That’s a tough order, because the one I was looking at wouldn’t replace any of the ones I would have to give up.  (Fortunately she was gone before one of them had to leave.)

Is it the same with all guitarists?  Or can some people actually pare down their collection to just one electric and one acoustic?  Mr. Sans Direction, thanks for helping me realize that I’m not alone.


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