Posted by: kubiakl | September 21, 2009

With Or Without You

This absolutely stunned me when I first watched it.  And in truth, I’m still a little in awe after repeated viewings:

I’m not a big U2 fan.  Nothing really against them, and I will always listen to “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” whenever it comes on, but don’t own any of their albums.  I could listen to this all day though.

A man, a dobro, a Boss GT-10 multi-effects/loop station, and an E-bow (for those violin style swells).  With it he layers loops (small recorded phrases) and plays the melody with that beautiful dobro tone.  I’m probably a little biased since I love the sound of a slide so much, but c’mon – tell me you didn’t find it amazing.

Apparently “Eastfoldpicker” is some guy from Norway who plays one hell of a dobro.  I checked out some of his other videos and really liked this original tune, “Sailing The Fjords”:

Just incredibly relaxing.


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