Posted by: kubiakl | November 28, 2009

Digital Music Hates Me

If you’ve been reading regularly then you’ll know that a year ago I lost all the music on my computer.  This story has nothing to do with that.

I have an iPod Classic, the 120 GB version.  It has served me well and often, and I have tried to be good to it.  It sits next to me as I drive.  When going inside for long periods of time it sits in my pocket.  At home it sits on my coffee table, a place of honor next to Lumpy (my cancerous stuffed penguin).  I feed it with new songs fairly often.

My point here is that I have been a good iPod owner.

But (to bastardize an old saying) bad things happen to good iPod owners.  And on Wednesday it happened to me.  I had added some Flogging Molly albums to the 8,720 songs already on there.  Just a simple sync, something I’ve done many, many times before.  As always I ejected the device before disconnecting.  When I went to check on the newly uploaded songs my iPod told me it had no music.


The hard drive still showed quite a bit of space in use but it acted like nothing was on there.  I asked myself, “Self, what did you do wrong?  Maybe you should try re-syncing it.”

And that’s when my computer turned on me too.  It told me that no iPod was connected.  I told it to shut the hell up.  After many help forums, resets, formats, disk modes, and restores, it seemed like everything was working.  I began the long task of re-syncing all my music while I went out with some friends.  When I returned from the bar four hours later it was just about finished.  It seemed to be working fine, so I left it alone and tried to get some sleep.

The next morning I drove to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving.  Everything started fine, listening to a few songs, then boom – stopped playing.  Resetting didn’t help.  It would see the songs but wouldn’t play them.  Another reset and my songs had magically disappeared.  45 minutes left to drive and stuck with whatever I could find on the radio.

Back in Austin on Friday I finally broke down and called Apple support.  I have to say they were very friendly and helpful… but to no avail.  My iPod has to be sent off for repair.

Which leaves me with either lugging my CDs back to my truck or surviving on the radio for a while.  It’s easy to become dependent on having your entire music library with you at all times, and it hurts like hell when you lose access to that.  I’m hoping for a quick and easy fix.  I’m afraid that listening to the radio will kill my taste.



  1. I’m sorry.

  2. i used milliamp for my ipod repairs – they did a good job – fast too. Hope yours turns out the same. Any plans to sell your CD’s? I have mine still laying around but haven’t used them for years.


  3. Jim, it’s still under warranty so I’m hoping that Apple manages to fix the problem. If it turns out they can’t or won’t I’ll check into milliamp.
    As for the CDs… I’m hesitant to get rid of them for precisely this reason. As long as my computer doesn’t die before my iPod is fixed, I’m good. If something were to happen to my laptop while the iPod is out I’d be screwed. Hanging on to my CDs means I could revive a small portion of my current music collection at least.
    And it gives me an alternative to the radio while driving. Seriously – have you guys tried to listen to regular radio lately? Painful!

  4. Aw, next to Lumpy? Maybe he did something to it, you know he likes to party like a rockstar. At least you were able to send it off and it is at no cost to you (so far). The digital world may hate you, but apple, starbucks, subway…many other things seem to luv ya and always work in your favor!

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