Posted by: kubiakl | February 28, 2010


The Lemonheads are another band that I came to late in the game.  Sure, I remember hearing their version of “Mrs. Robinson” as a teenager, and “Into Your Arms” was occasionally on the radio, but those songs didn’t catch my attention.  It wasn’t until I heard “The Outdoor Type” in a movie (“The Tao Of Steve”) that my ears were captured.  It remains a favorite, but last week it was “Rudderless” that I kept repeating.  Maybe it was the weird weather (a week ago I wore flip flops, then Tuesday we closed school early due to snow), or maybe it was just February (generally an off month for me), but the song just hit the right note.  Over and over.

Evan Dando is an awesome songwriter.

On another note:  my old friend Jules (hiya!) asked when the music I’ve been recording lately would be on here.  I guess I’m pretty shy about that – while I am proud of what DG and I have recorded, neither of us are singers.  DG has handled the vocals for all but one of the songs.  And when listening alls I hear are the mistakes we made, the flubbed notes and out of time solos.  There may come a time when I say screw the inhibitions and upload one of our music babies… but at the moment they are still in the vault.

But for an old friend, I might just e-mail one Down Under.


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