Posted by: kubiakl | March 19, 2010

One Happy Slacker

If you’ve read through my archives then you know that I like Superchunk.

Okay, scratch that.  I love ’em.

Today I finally had the chance to see them play live.  And it was a perfect experience.  Some friends and I met for an early lunch before heading to La Zona Rosa.  We found parking very close (and since it was a free show, paying $15 for parking didn’t bother me) but saw a long line around the side.  Apparently we lucked out and parked on the right side though – as we were walking up to go around the building towards the line, we got waved in.  I don’t know what I did to please the rock gods but I thank them for smiling on me.  Some friends that were meeting us later had to wait through a long, slow moving line and barely made it in before Superchunk took the stage.

It was the Village Voice show for SXSW, with bands playing from noon to 5.  We got to enjoy some good music while we waited, including one that really blew me away – Surfer Blood.  They had a bit of the Pixies sound, mixed with some Superchunk.  As 3 o’clock neared (Superchunk’s starting time) I began to get more and more excited.  Could they live up to my expectations?

Turns out they blew them away.  It was such a high energy show, and their upbeat nature infected the crowd.  I don’t think I stopped smiling throughout their set.  It’s too bad they don’t tour more, I hope to catch a full show one of these days.  But this short set will stay in my memory long after the ringing in my ears has quieted down.

All in all, I am one happy slack motherfucker.


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