Posted by: kubiakl | July 6, 2010

Christmas In July

My neck arrived today.  What I didn’t realize when I ordered it was how much work would be involved.  I’m used to necks that have already been on guitars, so everything was already drilled and in place.  Didn’t consider that there would be no holes for the tuner screws or string trees.

And, being the type of fool that doesn’t plan, I didn’t consider what tools I would need either.  Apparently my drill has gone missing at some point (my drill bits are still here though… odd), but a wonderful friend of mine is going to loan me hers.

The neck itself is really great.  I have to give it up to Warmoth for craftsmanship.  It fit the neck pocket of my Strat nicely, and the tuner holes (where the posts go) were just slightly undersized for the tuner bushings – which is good.  You want those to fit tightly.

The tuners I bought were vintage style Gotohs.  Gotoh makes solid tuners and the small vintage knobs look pretty cool.  They’re different than what I’m used to, instead of having a hole in the post there is a slot where the string is laid initially before tuning.  It might take some getting used to when stringing up the guitar.

I took a picture of the neck before I did anything to it, which will get posted at some other point.  I’m going to try and document each step as I go for anyone else attempting this kind of thing for the first time.  Hopefully seeing my mistakes will help you avoid them.

Like forgetting to get your tools in order before you start working.


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