Posted by: kubiakl | September 20, 2010

Majesty Shredding

Sometimes I feel like I keep talking about the same people over and over.  But then I realize it’s because those bands are just so good.

Superchunk came out with a new CD a week ago called “Majesty Shredding”, their first full length since 2001.  Amazon was nice enough to e-mail and remind me of the release (along with a coupon for the mp3 album, so, bonus) and I spent whatever time I had free that day listening.

It’s good.

No, it’s better than that.  It’s excellent.  A few of the songs instantly stuck in my head and none of them felt like filler.  They also included a rerecorded version of my favorite song from their last EP, “Learned To Surf”.

I’m not going to go into an analysis of the lyrics, plenty of people have already done that.  They’ll talk about how “My Gap Feels Weird” is about Mac dealing with aging and so on.  Instead I’m just going to put one of their songs up and let it speak for itself.

Like “Digging For Something”, so far the song I keep returning to:

Go check it out, it’s a great album.


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