Posted by: kubiakl | October 12, 2010


I’ve been incredibly lazy.  Here I am, continuously listening to an album that blows me away, and not bothering to write about it.

The Japandroids are a band I found by accident.  I was browsing through some videos and saw this:

It’s not a complex song, but it doesn’t need to be – some things are better simple.

Part of what caught me was the guitar/drum duo.  At the time, it was just Drummer Guy and I playing together, so that sound resonated with me.  I bought their album from Amazon but it took some time for me to really explore it.  “Crazy/Forever” was the first thing I heard so it was the track I kept going to.

Since then it’s become one of my favorite overall albums.  There’s not a track on there that I would call filler, and some are just absolute killers.

Apparently these guys are a little polarizing.  Some people have derided the lyrics and the musicianship, but I say screw ’em.  This is how music should sound – raw, full of fire.

I missed them at SXSW, but I won’t make that mistake next time they’re in town.


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