Posted by: kubiakl | December 11, 2010

Mullard EL84

I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with Doug’s Tubes.  The order went through Monday night, and on Tuesday I received a confirmation of shipping.  When I got home on Friday they were waiting for me.  New York to Texas by USP in a few days for a shipping charge of around $5.  I didn’t contact Doug beforehand but there is a form on his website that allows you to specify things you like about your sound, your gear, and what you want to improve so he can help you select the right tubes.

Alls I wanted was to get rid of the drop in volume that occurred when playing for a while.  The Mullard EL84s did it.  And Billm was right – there wasn’t a huge difference in the tone, it just sounded fresher.  Changing tubes took all of a minute and revitalized my amp.

To change the tubes, take off the back of the amp first.  The power tubes are held in place by a metal plate attached with springs anchored in the chassis, so go ahead and unhook that.  Then gently pull the old tube out, working it from side to side a little.  The new tubes just pushed right in.  Hook the springs back in to the plate and reattach the back part of the amp and you’re done!

So now my Blues Jr. is back in fighting shape.  With the Guyatone Micro OD for a little grit at low volume it gives me a really great blues tone.

Change your power tubes.  It’s a simple maintenance step that gives you the best out of your tube amp.



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