Posted by: kubiakl | February 25, 2011

Oh When The Parts Come Rollin’ In

The good:  my Mojotone and Guitar Fetish packages have arrived.  Both were shipped quickly and arrived quickly, and everything was exactly what I ordered.

I’ve decided that Mojotone is a company I will do business with any time – aside from stocking quality parts, they also ship quickly and have great instructions included.  With the wiring kit came recommendations on what wattage of soldering iron works best as well as what type of solder should be used, and an easy to understand wiring diagram.  Their website also has some great video tutorials on different procedures.  Dave, the fella who does the videos, makes everything seem pretty simple and isn’t always pitching products – the videos really are there to help someone understand different procedures.  In one of the videos he even explains how to upgrade your current pickups by changing the magnets from Alnico V to Alnico II or III.  It’s a cheap upgrade that doesn’t require any wiring at all, nor is he trying to get you to buy their pickups – it’s just a little information he’s passing along to musicians.  That’s rare and honest, so they have made me a life long customer.

Guitar Fetish also sent some quality parts quickly, so they will probably be receiving more orders from me in the future.

And now the bad:  Guitar Parts Resource sent me an e-mail yesterday that the Wilkinson bridge I had ordered isn’t in stock.  Actually, they didn’t send me anything – Paypal let me know that a portion of my money was being refunded, and it was exactly the amount of the bridge, so I put two and two together and came up with a loss of patronage.  Don’t get me wrong – they did ship my control plate and pickguard, but without an estimated delivery date or any other information.  So despite the selection they offer I will likely look for parts elsewhere in the future.

Mojotone didn’t carry the bridge I wanted and Guitar Fetish was out of stock, so after searching around I found a supplier on Ebay that a) had it and b) used expedited shipping to get it to me early next week.  It’s the folks who run Dragonfire guitars (I had looked at their Tele pickups before I came across GFS), TNT Guitars.  I haven’t heard from them since I did the Buy It Now and used Paypal, but hopefully it will be here around the time my control plate and pickguard make it.

I’m going to try and take some pictures this weekend at various stages of the process, but just wanted to give a quick supply update.  To recap:  Mojotone and Guitar Fetish, hells yeah.  Guitar Parts Resource, meh.


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