Posted by: kubiakl | February 28, 2011


Ladies and gents – we have us a Partsocaster.

My bridge arrived today (hooray for TNT Guitars, I only ordered it Thursday night and it arrived Monday), so I set to work when I got home.  The first thing I did was make sure everything fit:

With pickguard, control plate, and neck

Then I laid out all of the parts:

Competence Sold Seperately

And began.  The first step was putting the bridge pickup into the bridge.  On Tele style guitars the pickup screws directly into the bridge, using spacers or springs to keep it taut.  Since I was unaware of this it is fortunate that Guitar Fetish included some rubber hosing as a spacer around the screws.  After that was all in and the wire was threaded to the control cavity I screwed the bridge down, managing to strip a screw in the process (probably not the best idea to use a drill there, I should have hand screwed it).  Fortunately it doesn’t affect playability or action.

The Mojotone wiring kit went in next, which is where I encountered some problems.  See, I didn’t buy the Electrosocket Tele jack that everyone says you should, because I can be an idiot sometimes.  I assumed that the regular Tele jack cup would be easy enough to install but some reading cleared that right up.  What I surmised was: don’t.  This particular guitar body had a rectangular jack plate installed at some point so I bought one of those and used it instead.  It meant having to drill a few new holes.  Those are covered by the jack plate though.

The next problem was that the Mojotone jack wouldn’t fit the rectangular jack plate, so I had to switch jacks with one included in the plate assembly.  Which meant unsoldering the existing jack and soldering the new one on.  It took some work with only two hands but finally managed to get that on and the jack installed properly.

Wiring the pickups was actually pretty simple – the white wires go to the pickup selector switch, the grounds go to the back of the potentiometers.  When putting the control plate back in the cavity only one of my connections came loose (the bridge ground), and a quick resoldering fixed that.  I expected more trouble there.  My soldering wasn’t pretty but in the end it was stable enough.

After that it was time for a quick test so I threw on an extra high E string and tried it out before tightening everything down.  Hearing those notes was a heartwarming experience, especially after all the work I had put into assembling everything.

Not Pictured: Blood, Sweat, And Tears

Since it worked I tightened everything and strung it up.  At first the strings were laying on the frets so I had to adjust the height of the bridge saddles until everything stopped buzzing.  The intonation was pretty much dead on so the saddles stayed in their position, and I adjusted the height to taste.

I’ll write more about the GFS pickups as I get everything settled in and get to play with it more.  Right now, I am a happy man with a new Partsocaster in his collection.



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