Posted by: kubiakl | July 5, 2011


That’s not a misspelling.  Plutoneium is a revolutionary idea in wah pedals that I found during my search.  Instead of stomping on the front to switch it on and rocking the treadle back and forth, it presses downwards to go to the treble end.  It also has an auto-on – as soon as you press down, you have wah.  Take your foot off and it turns back off.  Morley uses the auto-on idea in their wahs, but I heard quite a few negative things about the Morley optical wahs.

The idea of pressing down for the wah makes sense.  It’s almost like tapping your foot to the song, and it’s the same motion you use to turn on any other stomp box.

Plus it’s the same size as a standard pedal.

The sweep and contour are adjustable and it sounds pretty sweet.  The only problem is availability – I did some checking around and most places are sold out (I even checked stores in Canada).  I guess everyone else thought it was a neat idea too.


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