Posted by: kubiakl | July 18, 2011

MC404 and the London Fuzz

I decided to try and record a little demo of the MXR CAE MC404 wah used in conjunction with the MJM London Fuzz.  This was done late at night, so the amp volume was set low and the mic input high.  As a result you can hear some pick/string noise.

The fuzz is set around 1:00 and the level for unity gain.  The guitar volume was around 5 or 6 to clean it up a little.  I used the yellow Fasel inductor setting on the wah for that vintage style tone.  There is also a good amount of reverb from the amp.

It’s not much, just a little improvisation on my American Standard Stratocaster using those two pedals into the Fender Blues Jr. amp.  I used a Shure SM57 into the Presonus Audiobox into Garageband, then imported it to iMovie and threw some pictures of the pedals on there.  It was the first time I’ve used that program and it was pretty easy to suss out.

As I’ve said before, wah isn’t my thing so this isn’t meant to demo my amazing skills, just that these pedals sound good with the wah after the fuzz.  Enjoy!


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