Posted by: kubiakl | August 29, 2011


That title will make no sense if you haven’t seen Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy”.  If you’re one of those, go ahead and check it out now.  I’ll be here when you get back.

I’m really digging the tone on my Blues Junior lately, but it never hurts to try something new.  After much trawling through forums and listening to opinions I decided to try a new speaker.  Something that will smooth the top end a little and tighten up the bass.  There are some crazy expensive options out there that are highly recommended, and some speakers that can change the character of the amp.  (Some loved the Celestion Greenbacks for a more Marshall-y sound.)

I like the character of my amp.  Based on Billm‘s (and countless others) recommendation I decided the Eminence Texas Heat would serve me well.  Tonequest tried it in many different amps and said it improved every single one.  Many people said they threw a Texas Heat in their Blues Junior and never looked back.  Others said it’s like a better version of the stock speaker.  It’s an American voiced 12″ that tames some of the “ice pick” sound Tele and Strat bridge pickups can produce while improving the bass response.  Great for Americana, blues, and Southern rock… which pretty much covers everything I can play.

Mojotone had them in stock so I went with those guys.  There was a company on Amazon that had it with free shipping, but I trust Mojotone.  They’re fast, friendly, and reliable.  When the shipping charge was going to run higher due to the dimensions, David e-mailed me to make sure that was alright and apologized for the upcharge.  How many companies will apologize for something they can’t control?  I gave him the go ahead (really wanted that two-day shipping) and it was shipped out 30 minutes later.  And that’s why I will continue to order from Mojotone whenever they have what I need.

It should be here on Wednesday, so I’ll try and give a report on the sound after a little break-in period over the weekend.  This post was mostly another shout out to Mojotone to say thanks for quality service.

Such a rare thing these days.


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