Posted by: kubiakl | September 10, 2011

Texas Heat

I’ve had the Eminence Texas Heat in my Blues Junior for a little over a week now, so it’s probably time to go ahead and review it.

It’s good.

It really didn’t change the basic sound of the amp but it did tighten up the bass and smooth the highs.  You can really hear the tighter bass when doing shuffles – before the change I had to be pretty careful how hard the shuffles were hit.  Now it feels like I can just attack it any way that feels right and it will sound great.  Single-note lines on the lower strings sound rounder and springier, less spongy.

The smoother highs are really what I was looking for.  I know plenty of guitarists love to boost the hell out of their highs but I like a rounder top end when I play.  The Texas Heat removed the shrill sound that sometimes accompanies high notes on a single coil guitar – the bridge pickup of my Tele sounds even better now.  All the twang and tone are there, but just a higher quality sound.

And I think that’s the main point – it didn’t change my sound, but it did make it better.  My Strat’s bridge pickup has never been used much but lately I’ve found myself switching to it more.  It gave me the full range of tone that Leo Fender meant on his guitar without the tinny sound.

So if you’re a Blues Junior owner and have been considering a speaker switch, give the Texas Heat a whirl.  It’s a low-cost replacement speaker that will improve the sound of your amp without changing it.


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