Posted by: kubiakl | October 31, 2011

Darren Riley

I’ve already praised Mojotone quite a bit, but I want to give a nod to another supplier – Darren Riley.  When I decided to change pickups on my Stratocaster I decided I wanted to try some with Alnico II magnets.  They are supposed to have a softer attack and smoother top end, which sounded perfect for me.

Mojotone didn’t carry the Seymour Duncan APS-2 (non-staggered model, for flatter radii necks) so I searched around.  Darren Riley’s happened to carry it at a good price and had the RW/RP version listed separately (many places that carried the APS-2 didn’t distinguish them clearly), so it was easy to know what I was buying.

Aside from a great inventory and easy website, the guys at Darren Riley’s shipped it QUICK.  I placed my order Friday morning in between classes, and just finished testing my installation (it’s Monday evening).  Shipping on any order including a Seymour Duncan pickup was free.

These guys have definitely made me a happy customer, and I know I’ll be buying from them again in the near future.  Check ’em out if you’re in the market for guitar parts – they have a huge selection and seem to be excellent to deal with.


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