Posted by: kubiakl | December 7, 2011

Current Obsessions

Things I am currently obsessed with:

Tracking down the cause of the weird clicky sound that sometimes occurs when I play, especially on the unwound strings of my Stratocaster.  I’m convinced that it has something to do with daisy chaining four of my pedals off of one power supply – after Christmas I’d like to upgrade to the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 so that each has an independent supply.  If that doesn’t work… I dunno.  Could be the wiring I guess, from when I changed out the stock neck pickup to the Seymour Duncan APS-2, then back to the stock pickup again.  Or it could be when I installed the Orange Drop .047uf capacitor.  Or it could be in my head.

Songs in A.  A good majority of the songs I’ve come up with, especially lately, have revolved around the A chord (or based around a droning A string).  Can’t really explain this one, our other guitarist thinks it’s because A is right in the middle of the fretboard and I’m just too lazy to move my hand.  He could be right.  It could also be the droning tone I can get – Junior Kimbrough used open string drones quite a bit and I’ve been listening to him a lot.

Guitar Center Studios.  It’s really more of a rehearsal room that lets you take a recording of what you play live home, but it’s a nice rehearsal room where you can tighten things up.  We’ve been using the new one built in Round Rock quite a bit.  The people there are incredibly friendly and helpful, the recording option is handy so you can hear what you would sound like live, and they have good equipment for you to use.  The rooms we’ve been in had a Marshall half stack and a Fender Super Sonic, as well as a bass amp and good drum kits.  (I did try the amps, but use my Blues Junior for recording.  It just has a great sound for me.)  If you need a place to practice I recommend checking it out.


Obsessions that have dropped off:

Upgrading my Strat.  Right now I really like the sound (minus the clicky thing I mentioned earlier), so until I finally decide to blow through money testing out pickups it’s going to stay the way it is.  There was some reading done on tremolo blocks and people raved about how such and such block increased their sustain / livened up their tone / did their taxes for them, but I don’t really have an issue with mine.

Pedal purchasing.  Yes, I’m sure that I’ll buy more pedals, but right now I’m getting good sounds consistently and don’t feel the need to change them out.  At some point I may look at a separate compressor and overdrive to replace the Route 66, but it’s working very well for me at the moment.

Upgrading the Blues Junior.  After replacing the speaker, tubes, and reverb tank (you have to go way back to find that post), it sounds great.  Not that it didn’t sound good before, but now it plays with me a little better.  The Jet City amp is currently being used by our other guitarist so I’m not worried about it.  When he gets the Vox AC15 he’s been dreaming of the Jet City will probably have a little work done.

And that’s about it.  I haven’t written much lately because… well, life.  Teaching and playing guitar has left little time for anything else.  Just wanted to throw out a few thoughts while I had them… and time.


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