Posted by: kubiakl | April 9, 2012

Glendale Guitars

Well, a month has gone by.  My new Callaham saddles came in and were installed… they sounded great.  But one of the little bastards bent again so I had to give up the ghost and go back to the Fender block saddles.

Look, if you don’t have your bridge set up like mine the Callaham saddles are really nice.  The problem is that my saddles have to be set so high to get the sound I like that it angles the adjustment screw, which combines with the force of the string pushing down to bend the saddle.  Normal Strat setups won’t have this problem.

After resigning myself to leaving the Strat alone I started browsing for Tele stuff.  My Telecaster sounds really good (we actually bonded quite a bit over the Easter weekend when I recorded a lot of new ideas) but there’s always room for improvement.

The name “Glendale guitars” comes up a lot when you search for Tele parts.  Apparently Dale Clark makes some of the best Telecaster parts around (his client list reads like a Who’s Who of Tele masters – Redd Volkaert, Pete Anderson, Rich Brotherton, even Billy Gibbons).  He also does full guitars built to 1949 specs but that’s a little out of my price range to even think about right now.

While looking at his website I clicked on the S-Style Parts tab… and may have found an answer to my Strat problem.  On a Tele site.  Dale has come up with block style saddles made out of brass and steel (you can choose either or a combination set) that look solid.  He also offers them with nickel plating or his “Raw Deal” un-plated and un-polished style.  He has Vintage (with center screw) and American Standard (with offset screw) and is about to start shipping them out.  You can pre-order a set at Glendale Guitars.

After verifying that the American Standard has an offset screw (this was before he put up the information on his website, with pictures), I placed my order.  Dale e-mailed me today to let me know that the order has been received and he will be shipping them soon.  I went with the nickel plated steel for longevity’s sake and to keep that steel tone but have to admit that the Raw Deal steel parts look pretty damn cool.  Might have to look into those for my Telecaster.

Anyway, that’s about all.  Still liking the Boss RC-3 loop station, it’s come in really handy for sketching out ideas.  I recommend getting one.  Just wanted to give a quick tone update while I had some time and my fingers were too sore to play.  Hopefully the Glendale saddles will solve my woes AND give me that great tone… I’ll be sure to let y’all know.



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