Posted by: kubiakl | July 11, 2012

Brierley Pickups Demo

I finally managed to get a satisfactory demo for the Brierley pickups:

It was recorded straight into Garageband with no effects, so everything you hear is the sound from the amp.  My bass and reverb were turned up (just because that’s how I set my amp usually) and at times the bass was a bit too powerful.  But you should still be able to get a clear picture of how great these pickups sound.  Full country twang to mellow jazz, I tried to cover it all despite my limited capabilities when it comes to jazz.

In the beginning of the clip all that is used is a Route 66 compressor – my “always on” pedal – and later a Tubescreamer and Formula No. 5 are engaged.  So it goes clean, mild overdrive, then some greasy blues dirt.

Before making the video public I sent it to Mick for approval and it passed.  I figured since his name was on it he should have a say in the matter.  Since he was happy with it I went ahead and put it up.  Here’s another link to his website:

The set I chose was the Brett Kingman signature set because his description sounded perfect – vintage with less spike.  If you have a specific idea in mind Mick is great about trying to give you what you want.  Even after I received the pickups he asked me to let him know if I wasn’t happy and he’d work with me to make it right.  Truly nice guy, but I was more than happy – these were exactly what I wanted on my Tele.

For the gearheads, here are the details:

Fender Highway One Telecaster with a rosewood fretboard

DR Pure Blues in .11 gauge

Glendale cold rolled steel bridge plate (Raw Deal) and brass saddles

Glendale Retro Rocket string ferrules (three aluminum, three brass)

Greasebucket circuit removed for a traditional .047uf Orange Drop capacitor

I really love these pickups and will definitely drop Mick another note if (who am I kidding… when) I need pickups for my next project.


  1. Behold!…what I am fairly sure is the most that I have heard you play…and it sounds great! I also had no idea that you were a burgeoning youtube star, very nice.


  2. Ha! Yeah, I’ve put up a few review clips… but I have a ways to go before hitting parity with Burgerman666 (these are his signature pickups) or Gearmanndude – those guys have the coolest toys. Both are excellent at demos. Burgs is straightforward, Germanndude is very entertaining. And no, he’s not Jack Black. (Watch one of his videos and you’ll see what I mean.)

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