Posted by: kubiakl | April 13, 2013

Long Time Gone

It’s been a little while, but I haven’t forgotten that this blog exists.  It’s just that things got busy for me last fall and it hasn’t really slowed down since.  I wanted to take a second though to let anyone who is still reading this know what’s going on.

The Texaphonics – the band I’m in has finally finished recording and mixing/mastering our album.  All of the recording was done this past winter but mixing and mastering took a while.  If you check out our website:

The Texaphonics

There will soon be pictures, links to songs, information on purchasing, all that jazz.  We’re still working on getting everything all set up for digital distribution – today was picture day for us.  They came out really well, our singer’s wife acted as our photographer and took some great shots.

Live shows may be coming soon as well.  So far we’ve restricted ourselves to two gigs – a cancer benefit and a backyard barbecue – because we’re still working on nailing the sound on the new songs that were written during the recording process.  By this summer The Texaphonics website should start showing places you can see us live.  All three of us are teachers so time during the school year gets a little tight.

It’s been a fun process though.  I like the songs we’ve written and the range they cover.  Our band grew out of two teachers (myself and the drummer) getting together to play, then starting to write, then bringing in the singer/rhythm guitarist later when we realized he could sing.  He’s never had a lesson, never thought about singing until I forced him into it, but he’s good.

And I think that’s what I like best about The Texaphonics.  None of us have really been trained.  None of us are from really musical families.  But the drummer has a great feel for music and the singer isn’t so polished he sounds generic.  It’s a sound I personally dig.

The album was a great step in learning though.  The producer/engineer taught as he recorded and really helped take things beyond the garage band level.  Everything was recorded at Red Silo Studios in Georgetown, TX, a beautiful little building close to the town square.

As for what was used – most of the electric guitar on the album was my Telecaster.  The Strat made a few appearances and the other guy’s Gretsch was used for a few things.  The backbone of every song came from the Tele -> TS9 Tube Screamer -> Fender Blues Jr. though.  For acoustics I used my Epiphone Masterbilt and the singer used his new Martin DSR (beautiful sounding guitar by the way).

The London Fuzz made it on a few tracks, as did my Catalinbread Formula No 5.  Another Catalinbread pedal, the WIIO, was used with the Gretsch for heavier sounds.  It belongs to the singer and is a fantastic sounding pedal.  There is some delay used sparingly but I don’t remember if we used my Mojo Hand FX Recoil or Matt’s delay (of which I can’t recall the name).

At any rate, check out The Texaphonics website for some updates soon where you can hear all this guitar obsession finally paying off in some great sounds.  And maybe I’ll be back on here to write a little more…

But it’ll probably be a while.


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